Potter County chooses Tanner

Nancy Tanner took home the most votes in one of the most anticipated elections in the 2014 March Primary.

Out of five Republican candidates, she was the voters' choice in the race for Potter County Judge.

Here are the final numbers from Melynn Huntley, the Potter County Elections Administrator.

Former Potter Co. Judge Assistant Nancy Tanner had 3,694 votes.

Businessman Bill Bandy had 1,444 votes.

Former Amarillo mayor Debra McCartt pulled in 1,263 votes.

Tea Party Activist William Sumerford had 722 votes.

Activist Jeff Poindexter had 193 votes.

Tanner said she is proud of the campaign and volunteers that supported her.

"We had a plan from the very beginning. I had a team of 35 volunteers, non-paid, that came together and we had meetings once a month and we kept on target and on schedule and we just kept to it and we got it done," Tanner said.

Since there is no Democratic challenger, Tanner will take office in January 2015.