Potter County budget subject of public meeting

If you pay taxes, youâ??ve likely wondered at least once in your life where your money goes and what exactly itâ??s doing for you and your community. And a public meeting in Amarillo this evening (Dec. 12) sought to shed a little light on that very question.

In a typical year, Potter County is working with a budget of about 48 to 50 million dollars, and each spending decision has to be made with the knowledge that every one of those dollars is public money meant for the public good.

So every one of those decisions goes through a necessary chain of command.

"The budget process really starts with departments and/or elected officials providing their particular line items to the county judge,â?? said Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia. â??They then present that information to the county auditor, who is privy to and part of those discussions, and the final document gets presented to the commissioners' court. Then commissioners vet out through a formal and public process each one of those line items."

The vast majority of the countyâ??s revenue (82.82%) comes from taxes, and the biggest expenses are judicial (25.54%), corrections and rehabilitation (22.86%), and public safety (16.83%).

And commissioners say those particular facets of community life should take the highest priority.

"I think that's part of the process of the governing body, to continue to press forward and really vet out sometimes what's not always flashy or popular, but do the right thing for the taxpayers," said Murguia.

If youâ??d like to delve into all of the nitty-gritty details for yourself, just follow the links attached to this story.