Potter Co.Fire Department waiting word on fallen firefighters in West

Potter County's Fire Department is waiting word on their fallen friends, they've come to know over years spent in West. That community's welding company Westex has built trucks for the department.

It's the sound all emergency responders answer to, the call for help. In West, when everyone was running from the scene of that plant fire, these brave men and women were running in. But little did they know, some would not make it out.

"It's pretty devastating to fire services as a whole who don't have to be there to have a tie to the community to feel the devastation and the hurt that's involved with losing most of your fire department," said Potter County Fire Department's Chief, Richard Lake.

But Potter County does have ties to the community of West.

"Potter County has bought five trucks over the last ten years we bought several trucks from West. I think we about five trucks that have been built at Westex welding which is right in the middle of west. We spend a lot of time in the community we stay at the motels, we eat at the restaurants so we get to become friendly with a lot of people in town," said Chief Lake.

It's that famous brotherhood of firefighters, a love for the job, and watching each other's back that has Potter County's group pausing to remember the fallen.

"Yesterday we were on a call and we had a moment of silence for them because you know those are trucks we're using to put that fire out at the time so it's just something that the fire service does to pay honor to its brotherhood".

A brotherhood, that extends all boundaries of location and knowing that person. Every time they answer the call, those fallen will forever by in their hearts.