Potter Co. Sheriff's Department releases new smartphone app

The Potter County Sheriff's Department has released their newest smartphone app for iPhone and Android devices.

The mobile application

MobilePatrol, was created to keep Potter County residents informed, and is free of charge. "The way the world is today, you certainly need to be aware of what's going on," said Potter County Resident Roseann Gallegos.

The application gives users access to real-time detention center information. They can see mugshots, active warrant lists, and receive alerts during emergencies.

"You can go there and look at anybody that's been booked into jail, it also has our roster on there for everybody that's in jail," said Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas.

Users can also see the area's most wanted criminals. Crime victims can also stay up to date with the status of their offender, thanks to the app's integration with VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday).

"It also allows people that are victims of a crime that they can go in there and they can track their offender and where they're going and when they're being released," said Thomas.

Potter County residents said they're glad the department is looking to keep residents connected. "I'd definitely download it. It's a good tool to use," said Potter County Resident Beau Leyba. "I'm always on my phone anyways."

Sheriff Brian Thomas said whether residents choose to use the app for emergency alerts or criminal information, they're just happy to keep users informed.

"It's just another way to stay in contact with the Sheriff's Department and that's what we're about is getting out there to the community and the citizens that we serve."

can be downloaded for free on any iPhone or Android device.