Potter Co. moves forward while judge recuperates

Potter Co. Judge Arthur Ware suffered a stroke last Wednesday, commissioners will be splitting duties until he returns.

You'll recall that Potter County Judge Arthur Ware suffered a massive stroke last Wednesday, and today county commissioners met without him, trying to determine how to proceed.

After lengthy discussions and various plans offered up, commissioner decided to take turns in a monthly rotation... acting as county judge pro temp to carry on any normal business before the court.

But each commissioner wanted it understood that this is not a political power play.

" I think we're all feel very saddened by what's happened...and there's no power play or political ambition...and we are a united court. That's why I like the idea of all of us dividing sends to our community, we're all shouldering the load...and it's not one person, or political gain or anything like that," said Potter Co. Commissioner Joe Kirkwood.

By the way, Judge Ware we're told is responding well to treatments and his staff says hopes are high that he can return to his duties in a few weeks.