Potter Co. firefighters battle Canadian River grassfire


11:00 P.M.

: From Potter County Sheriff's Brian Thomas who's in DPS helicopter.

1,183 acres have burned so far. Right now, the fire is 8.4 miles from HWY 136, 12 miles from Moore, Hutchinson, Carson Counties intersection, and 8.7 miles from Moore County line.

Sheriff Thomas

says no structures are in danger. Potter Co. Fire Chief Richard Lake says the fire is about 10% contained.

UPDATE 9:13 P.M.: Pronews 7 just spoke with Potter Co. Fire Chief Richard Lake. He says the fire is 10% contained.

The fire has not spread any further than the Canadian River and a few ranches.

No structures are in danger, or burned. Right now, Chief Lake says it's too early to determine the amount of acreage that has burned.

EARLIER: Potter County firefighters are battling a grassfire.

It sparked around 4:30 at Chicken Creek, East just off the Canadian River.

Officials say a short time later the fire jumped the river and started to head North.

As of right now, no structures are in the way of the fire and no one has been hurt.

Officials also say no roads have been closed at this time.

Officials tell Pronews 7 crews are still battling the blaze and it's not under control at this time.