Potential new 4G LTE for 911 in Randall County

When a disaster strikes first responders need to communicate but everybodyâ??s on their smart phones, sending pictures and texts or making calls.

Randall County Sheriff Joel Richardson says, "it takes the bandwidth away from first responders when they do that."

The solution comes in the form of the airwaves broadcasters once used before they went digital.

Greg Green, the Director of the Potter/Randall Emergency Communications District, says, "that freed up frequency spectrum that was dedicated by the government to public safety."

Itâ??s a network for first responders.

Randall County has three towers dedicated to the service, a pilot program, and is awaiting approval by the FCC.

Only Harris County in Texas has the capability, the only one in the country.

Money for the project comes from the fees we pay on phones.

The project costs $2-million over six years.