Portales women escapes after being kidnapped and raped


Portales woman was abused, raped and locked in a room for two days before she was able to escape her kidnapper.

Portales police arrested Frank Stroud, 49, of Portales Thursday morning on charges of kidnapping and rape.

According to the arrest warrant deputy sheriff Dean Marney was called to the Hartley House, 900 North Main Street, in Clovis because a victim of domestic violence had escaped an abusive situation when her capture had to attend an anger management class.

The victim told deputy Marney that Stroud had confined her to his residence, locked in a room. He had taken away from her phone and did not allow her to talk to her children.

Stroud told the victim to have sex with him, which she declined. Stroud kicked her in the thigh, leaving a large bruise.

Stroud continued his request for sex and becoming frustrated with the victim to the point that he began to "bang his head against the wall, slapping and punching himself in the face." according to the witness statement. The victim relented and allowed the sex under duress.

Stroud held the victim captive for two days, locking the door and blocking the doorway from others entering the room.

Stroud had a mandatory ander management class and brought the victim along to the Hartley House.

Stroud was arrested on one charge of kidnapping in the first degree, criminal sexual penetration in the second degree, battery and interference to communicate. Bond was set at $75000.