Portales Police join major crimes unit

Portales Police have joined the Ninth District Major Crimes Unit.

According to Lt. Mark Cage the police department became a member of the unit earlier in the month and is the first entity to join since the creation of the unit by District Attorney Matthew Chandler in 2005.

The unit is designed to deal with major crimes such as murders or kidnapping, and will bring together law enforcement professionals from the District Attorney's Office, the Curry County Sheriff's Office, the Roosevelt County Sheriff's Office and the Clovis Police Department.

"This is really a Co-op, allowing resources to be pooled together when we have to deal with major crimes." said Lt. Mark Cage of the Portales Police Department.

Agencies will be able to assist with the investigation of major crimes outside of their own jurisdiction or when help is required.

The resources of the unit have been used for up to 30 cases since the unit was organized.

"The funding for the unit comes mainly from the 9th District Court and has no impact upon the taxpayer." said Cage "if anything, there is more bang for your buck because we training and help from other entities in the unit."