Polk Street United Methodist Church gathers cleaning materials to aid Houston

Polk Street United Methodist Church members help load up cleaning supplies to take to Houston. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

"We asked our parishioners [on] Sunday to help out with the people down in Houston," Bill Fellers, Polk Street Methodist Church member said. "We have a Church of about 400 that we have kind of taken under our wing," he said.

Polk Street United Methodist Church came up with a plan and put it into motion.

"This is stuff that they need immediately," Fellers said.

In fact, they put their plan into motion, in a very timely manner.

"They're leaving today and spending the night, I believe in college station, and will be in Houston delivering these supplies tomorrow," Wes Reeves, Polk Street Methodist church member said.

Moving with urgency is essential after a flood, when conditions can quickly become unsanitary.

"In Houston, with the climate they have down there, mold starts growing immediately," Reeves said.

That's why Polk Street Methodist Church has specifically gathered cleaning supplies.

"A lot of what is in this truck is bleach to clean the mold," Reeves said. "Of course you have to have something to clean it with so we have tons of sponges in there, [and also] gloves," he said.

The church says today is just the beginning of their journey helping Harvey-affected neighbors restore their lives.

"We feel helpless, we don't know what to do," Reeves said. "We all have relatives and friends in that area and so we all have to look for one thing we can do."

"We're continuing every week and try to bring down things as they tell us what they need," Fellers said.

Helping out and giving can be contagious, and folks here seem to be willing to offer their support no matter the day or time.

"When you put all these small acts of kindness together, they turn into something very large," Reeves said.

Kindness and giving go hand-in-hand, and also demonstrate true Panhandle spirit.

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