Police say incident near Arden Road Elementary not a case of stranger danger

Following an alleged incident involving stranger danger and children over the weekend, a local elementary school decided to send a notice home with all students to be on the lookout.

Parents of Arden Road Elementary students were sent home a note on Tuesday regarding an incident where children were allegedly lured to a truck by a man offering candy in the Westover area. This note later made it to channel 7's Facebook page, and the station contacted canyon ISD to see what this was all about....

â??We had a concerned parent approach our principal at Arden Road and they were concerned because they say a vehicle, a white vehicle talking to students trying to lure them and she wanted to let the community know by telling the Arden Road principal to notify any students,â?? said April McDaniel, of the Canyon ISD

Pronews 7 called the Amarillo Police Department to follow-up. The Amarillo Police Department told us that they looked into it, and found that it was irresponsible teenagers that caused this concern and confusion.

"We were able to identify the vehicle, the occupants in the vehicle, though our investigation talking with the parent of the child, we feel 100% confident that this was not someone trying to entice a child, merely teenage boys being teenage boys,â?? said Corporal Neufeld of the Amarillo Police Department.

The Amarillo Police Department added that no criminal offense occurred in this case, and while this incident was not a case stranger danger, it's important that communities remain vigilant and that parents talk to their children about staying safe, especially when they're out and about in their neighborhood.