Police piece together Virginia St. shooting

It's a sequence of events that had police and everyone in the neighborhood trying to piece together what really happened Monday afternoon.

APD released official information, Tuesday morning, concerning the shooting that occurred at approximately 3 p.m., at 35th and Virginia St., Monday afternoon. One day later and neighbors are still in shock.

Gabriella Solis works for a daycare three houses down where the first gun shots were fired at 34th and Patterson.

"We had just gotten up from naptime," Solis said. "I was scared, and our kids that we were taking care of got really scared too."

Solis said they heard the shots, but it wasn't until sirens and police taping off the area that she knew something had gone wrong.

Directly across the street from where the red Dodge pickup ran into the home at 3414 S Virginia lives Steve Stiles and his two kids. He said his neighborhood is always quiet besides the occasional speeder, and that he never expected to walk outside to a truck half-way in to his neighbor's house.

"I ran out and looked out the kitchen window and saw a pickup with a man holding his mid-section," Stiles said.

But what concerns him most is the safety of his kids.

"My kids are out here playing about that time of day, luckily they weren't out," Stiles said. "I'm just worried about somebody driving that had been shot because he could have really hurt somebody innocent."