Point, click and buy -- Cyber Monday is here!

Millions of Americans took to the stores this past Friday, and even on Thanksgiving, to get their hands on some of the hottest Black Friday deals, but Monday will stir up a whole different type of shopper --- the online shopper.

Cyber Monday, or the online equivalent to Black Friday, is known as the Monday that follows Black Friday or Thanksgiving weekend when people do a lot of online shopping. In fact, in years past, online sales on Cyber Monday have actually surpassed sales on Black Friday.

Retailers focus on online specials on Cyber Monday, like lower-priced products, or even gift card incentives once you purchase a certain amount. But a few stores like Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and ToysRUs got a jump start on the rest this year -- some of their specials started Sunday! As usual, when shopping online, certain precautions are necessary.

"Anytime you're looking for a place to shop, shop with people you know," recommended CEO of the Better Business Bureau in Amarillo, Janna Kiehl. "Anybody can look good online, just have another fancy website up but you don't know who they are so it's very important to shop with the stores that you know and the companies that you're familiar with."

Before you "click" that final time to make your purchase, double check to make sure that website is secure. Secure websites will have an "s" following the http in the url. Also, always use a credit card when buying online.

"When shopping online, you want to use a credit card instead of a debit card, for example, or any other form of payment like wiring money. Those are big, red flags," said Kiehl. "You want to use a card in the form of payment that protects you the most, which is a credit card."

I f you follow these tips, just point, click and buy and you'll have that Christmas list all crossed off before you know it.