Playing it safe with concussions

Concussions are nothing to fool with.

Researchers are finding out that a serious bump to the head can lead to long lasting health problems if not addressed.

That means, if you're an athlete with a concussion, you need to be off the field until you mend, and if you're a student athlete, you may need to stay out of the classroom for awhile as well.


he American Academy of pediatrics finds a concussion should not only take student athletes out of play, it could also keep some of them out of school.


uthors of the report say young people who suffer from concussions can appear physically normal in class, but when it comes to school work, they may have trouble learning new things and remembering what they learned.


tudies show it usually takes about three weeks for a school-aged athlete to recover from a concussion.

If you think that your child may be suffering from a concussion click the link below for signs and symptoms.