Plans for new jail facility looks to cost about $13.5 million

Curry County Commissioners voted Tuesday morning on plan C for the proposed new jail facility that looks to cost roughly $13.5 million.

Despite the large amount of money it will cost in order to create the new jail facility, commissioners say it wonâ??t cost taxpayers anything more than they are already paying.

â??Itâ??s property tax. Itâ??s tax theyâ??re already paying so it wonâ??t affect your property tax rate,â?? said Curry County Commissioner, Tim Ashley.

One of the biggest concerns for the commissioners regarding the current jail facility and trying to build a new one is public safety.

â??The current facility has design and structural flaws that leave us at risk,â?? said Ashley. â??So itâ??s about public safety.â??

Another concern is the money that the county spends on transporting inmates to other facilities outside the county since the current jail does not have enough space to hold their inmates.

â??The jail we have, we donâ??t have the capacity to house all of our prisoners,â?? said Curry County Commissioner Ben McDaniel. â??We have a lot of that we have to transport and have housed out of county and so weâ??re constantly battling those costs and transport issues.â??

According to Commissioner Ashley, transporting their inmates to other areas costs about $700,000 each year. Thatâ??s money that is going into other areas that could stay local.

â??On a money side, a lot of it is the amount of money weâ??re sending outside of the county,â?? said McDaniel. â??Taxpayersâ?? money is immediately going out of this county. So money wise weâ??re able to keep that money here.â??

If the bond is approved, that still leaves more than $3 million needed in order to get plans in motion. Ashley says the rest of the funds they would be able to come up with through either the State Department of Finance Authority or cash reserves that they have available.

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