Plan a vacation to Canadian, Texas on a budget

Are you strengthening your budget for your family vacation this year? Why not explore everything the Panhandle has to offer with the family. Pronews 7 is hitting the road on half a tank of gas to Canadian, Texas.

We are headed from Amarillo Canadian, up Highway 60 through Pampa. That's a total of 101 miles. You'll quickly notice a change in scenery because Canadian offers something Amarillo doesn't have much of, trees. Pulling into Canadian, you'll notice a bustling town of brick streets and history. A friendliness that's widely recognized across the nation and mom and pop shops, not chain stores. Which a lot of town folks say is part of the charm of this Mayberry town.

"I enjoy living in Canadian because of the school system and how friendly the people are in Canadian," said Canadian resident, Twennette Ramsey.

"I think first of all it would be how welcoming people are. I think that's the first thing that people notice. As well as, the Mayberry affect. It's a small place people are welcoming there's lots of small town charm," said Jackie McPherson, who's part of the Chamber of Commerce.

Part of that charm lies in the people that have called Canadian home. Working years to preserve the town, and adding to it's famous charm that makes it a perfect place to spend the day with your family. From art museums, open Thursday through Sunday, to the River Valley Pioneer Museum. Then if you head up Main Street you'll find shop after shop.

"There's so much to do downtown, so many shops, so many places to eat it's amazing," said Ramsey.

"We have the old fashion soda fountain shop on Main Street and the antique store. There's lots of really neat places to shop in Canadian and of course you won't leave Canadian hungry we have lots of really good places to eat," added McPherson.

If you want to take a step back in time that old fashion soda shop is the place to eat.

"The soda shop is an authentic vintage soda shop from anywhere from early turn of the century to 1940's. Our bar is from 1948, its all been refurbished and we mix our cokes and drinks at that bar. All the furnishes in here are authentic expect for the coke cola tables," said Soda Shop & Antique Treasures owner, Harry King.

Even making old fashion coke floats, shakes, and sundaes.

"My favorite thing about it is the historical part of it that it's like stepping back in time," said King.

Then if you're looking to take in some scenery and get active with the family, the famous Canadian River Wagon Bridge is the place to go. It's a little over half a mile long and is right outside the town. Built in the early 1920's, it was the main mode of transportation across the Canadian River. Then it got an upgrade.

"In 2000, after 5 long years and a lot of work two particular gentlemen in town were instrumental in working and getting that bridge restored as a walking bridge," said McPherson.

The Visitor's Center is right off the main street driving into town, open for you to stop in and get information on all the fun happenings and places to visit while there. Spending only a few bucks on eats, and half a tank of gas. That makes Canadian a perfect staycation getaway.

"They should come to Canadian because we have a lot of interesting things and this is about as close to Maybery RFD you're going to get," said King.

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