Plan a family vacation to Canyon without breaking the bank

Pronews 7 is taking you on another road trip. A little family vacation fun, without breaking the bank. We're heading from Amarillo to Canyon a total of 18.6 miles to explore three big attractions that folks from around the world come to visit. In a place flat as a piece of paper the last thing anyone would expect to see is the world's second largest canyon. But we here in the Panhandle are lucky enough to have the Palo Duro Canyon State Park right in our backyard.

"People come out here for a variety of reasons hiking, biking, nature watching, learning about the history of the Canyon, all those things people experience," said Park Superintendent, Cory Evans.

The Canyon offers horseback riding, gift shops, a visitor's center, three camping sites for Rv's and tents. Let's not forget the spectacular views. So how much does it cost to enjoy these things?

"Five dollars per person for everybody 13 and over for the day that's also the same for the overnight fee if you get a camp site. It's a great value for what you get out here is 28,000 acres about 30 miles of biking and hiking trails. You can definitely make a 3 or 4 day vacation out of being at the Canyon," said Evans.

You can't mention the Canyon without talking about the Pioneer Amphitheater nestled at the bottom, that for the past 48 years has played host to the world famous play, "TEXAS". A show that's drawn more than four million people. A show that depicts the life of the early Panhandle settlers in the 1800's with the anticipation of the railroad.

"The show is a specular sight and that is highlighted in our grand finale which is a nine to ten minute piece that pays tribute to the common man," said Executive Director of the Texas Panhandle Heritage Foundation, Kris Miller.

The show plays Tuesday through Sunday. Ticket prices range in price from $12 to $30 depending on the seats you want. There's also an optional Texas Chuck Wagon dinner you can purchase for $13.95 or a child (12 & Under) $6.95.

"Come down and see the show but not cost them a lot of money for gasoline, ticket prices are reasonable and that's one of the things we stress there's a lot of local people that either haven't seen the show in many years or haven't seen it at all," said Miller.

If you want to continue the theme of learning about the Texas Panhandle history, off 4th Street in Canyon is the Panhandle Plains Historical Museum. "We have tons of stuff to offer for over two million artifacts, we're Texas largest history museum. You can explore the past 500 million years in a day just traveling through our museum," said Marketing and Communications for PPHM, Stephanie Price.

From art, dinosaurs, cars, and an interactive Pioneer Town, there's lots from the whole family to enjoy. In fact, you could spend hours just in Pioneer Town trying on clothes from the 1800's to shopping in it's store and playing in the school house.

"Its as if you step back in the 1890's when you walk through those doors and can visit the hotel or bank or see someone in the marshal's office, explore what it would be like back then," said Price.

The museum is celebrating it's 80th anniversary this year and invites everyone to take advantage of their cheap admission prices. For adults its $10, Seniors 65 and older $9, and for kids 4 to 12 its $5.