Pitt's Sports Challenge

Bryce Boren has never been considered the typical student/athlete. The junior at Canyon High School finished the 2012-13 school year with a 100.9 average and a number two ranking in his class. His friends at Canyon often take affectionate jabs at him for being the Beaver Cleaver type. Because his mother is also a teacher at Canyon High School, it is easy to see why Bryce prefers to keep a clean slate.

"No I can't,"

said Boren, whose mother is a math teacher at Canyon High School. "They go find my mom if I do anything wrong."

When it comes to action on the football field, Boren is not particularly large by today's standards. The Eagles offensive lineman is only 235 pounds. But what Boren lacks in traditional offensive lineman size, he makes up for with speed.

"I like to think I have some quickness down in the line and that helps because I'm not as big as some of the other guys."

Boren's head coach, Blake Bryant, said student athletes like Bryce are not easy to find.

"Bryce is an incredible person and I know that gets thrown around a lot. He's an unbelievable type of leader. I always have 1,000 things on my mind, when dealing with 200 boys. Bryce isn't one of them."

Boren competed in this week's Pitt's Sports Challenge by running the L-Drill; an agility and quickness barometer also used at the NFL combine each year. Boren topped Daybreak's Anthony Pittman over two rounds and won the Challenge.

"Thanks a lot, I enjoyed that," said Bryce, who recently finished spring football workouts at Canyon High School. "I figured I had the advantage since I'm coming off spring practice. Maybe we should try this again sometime?"