Pitt's Sports Challenge: High School Softball Team

The road to a future in college softball is heavily traveled during the summer months for most players still in high school.

"Summer ball gives you a good opportunity to be looked at if you want to expand your level of experience," said Jordan Carr, a senior at Amarillo High School.

"it's your choice to go to practices and tournaments," said Amarillo High School senior Marissa Torres. "it's definitely more fun like that."

Hundreds of teams across the country are busy during June, July and August practicing and playing in showcase tournaments. High school softball players will use the summer months to play almost double the amount of games as they do during the school year. Members of the Amarillo Nemesis know how important the summer is in regards to recruiting and playing on the college level.

"It's a great time to practice and play a lot of games," said Amarillo High School senior Faith Guzman. "College recruiters will be at a lot of the tournaments looking for talent.'

The Amarillo Nemesis club softball recently played a tournament in Lubbock where they played 10 games in one day.

"It's the perfect way to get as many at bats as you need to improve," said Guzman. "You improve your game so much when you play often like that."

The Amarillo Nemesis challenged me to a hitting competition, but unlike my other Pitt's Sports Challenges, I had a teammate for this competition. Jordan Carr agreed to be my partner in a base hit competition against Marissa Torres and Faith Guzman, with Canyon High School senior Cheyenne Housh pitching. The highest combined total of base hits, off 10 called strikes and swings, would be the winning team.

Torres and Guzman managed four hits off Housh's combination of fastballs and off-speed pitches, while Carr and I totaled seven hits for the Pitt's Sports Challenge win. However, the biggest winners are the Amarillo Nemesis, and other summer softball teams in the country.

"You have a better chance of being noticed by colleges if you play consistently during the summer months," said Housh. "It's also fun to make new friends by playing a sport we love."