Piece of 9/11 lives on in Borger, Texas

Even though it was ten years ago, the people of America still feel the hurt like it was yesterday.

People across the nation gathered for remembrance ceremonies of the September 11th terrorist attacks that took down the World Trade Centers, and citizens of Borger were among them.

"Most people can remember exactly what they were doing that day. I was at work, I knew exactly what happened, sat there and watched the second plane hit the tower. It's something that should not be forgotten", said retired Borger firefighter, Robert Tiffany.

But for the residents of Borger, Sunday's 9/11 ceremony brought them much closer to what happened ten years ago, with a piece of steel from Ground Zero now sitting at the future site of a new 9/11 Memorial in Huber Park -- a symbol weighted with such heavy memories, a simple touch, for some, was enough.

"We had people here last night coming to look and take pictures, even to touch it and know that so many people lost their lives that day. We've had people come to salute, we've had people to come and just put their hands on it and say a prayer for the people of the families, especially the families that had to give up their fathers, their brothers, their sisters, their moms, their children", said Borger resident, Judy Robinson.

Throughout the service -- through music, special speakers, moments of sadness and moments of pride -- the message remained the same: We, the American people, will never forget.

"Everyone will carry it on their hearts from now on, the policemen and the firefighters who went in to save their people and to lose their lives", said Robinson.

"The civilians also, the military at the Pentagon, the civilians aboard Flight 93. These people need to be remembered", said Tiffany.

"We will never forget", continued Robinson.

O nce enough money is raised , construction of the actual monument should begin in a few months. If you'd like to donate, contact the City of Borger or Robert Tiffany at for more information.