Phantom pregnancy shocks Canadian town

A Canadian woman made big news in her small town community of Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, just south of Montreal, when she announced she was expecting, not just her first baby, but her first FIVE babies. Donations poured in to help the growing family from friends, strangers, and businesses showering them with gifts. Genevieve LaFlamme, who has triplets, befriended the mother-to-be a couple of months ago after hearing the news.

"I gave her tips on where to get financial support, and places that can help with things like diapers," she said.

But the news that really shocked the town came on Tuesday, not by the arrival of the quintuplets, but by the news of what doctors delivered instead of babies. They told the expectant father that his girlfriend had never been preganant, not just duping him, but an entire city.

Doctors say this could have been a rare case of a phantom pregnancy.

"There is a process whereby you can convince your body that you're pregnant and you can see people having some distention and you can also see some people starting to have lactation," said one of the doctors.

The woman is now receiving psychiatric care while her heartbroken boyfriend returns the donations and gifts.