Pets saved from Fritch fire

Fire control had not even reached 40% containment by the time Borger Animal Control workers made their way into the affected area looking for missing and displaced animals.

â??On Monday night, they worked until seven or eight that night and they came home and they were just exhausted and had burn marks from the fire on their necks form just walking around in the hot coals and just all of them were dirty and just absolutely covered in soot and smoke,â?? said Borger Animal Control volunteer, Mandy Moore. â??It was exhausting. Itâ??s exhausting for everybody out there.â??

Right now animals are being housed at three different locations in Borger; High Plains Animal Shelter currently has four dogs, Hoochy Poochy Grooming Parlor has five or six and several are still being held at the Borger Animal Control.

â??Animals have the most unique intuition to know when thereâ??s something dangerous near them. They know to run away,â?? said Moore. â??Weâ??ve had a report of one horse being as far as Stinnett and some of these dogs, weâ??ve been picking them up here in Borger.â??

The area affected by the fire was also home to many horses whose owners had to let them loose or who escaped when the grassfire started to spread. Frank Phillips College not only opened their doors for the horses, but is also offering their residential halls for displaced families.

â??I think if youâ??ve lived here for most of your life, you realized that Fritch and Stinnett and Borger are all kind of a big happy family, one big community,â?? said Jud Hicks, president of Frank Phillips College. â??Hutchinson county is a pretty close knit county.â??

Borger Animal Control says people reacted immediately to help in any way they could to help and protect the animals. They say multiple people have donated feed, hay and dog food and that Robinsonâ??s Hay and Animal Nutrition in Amarillo is playing a large role in helping the shelter as well.

â??I donâ??t think it took any time at all. That night that the fire was going everybody was trying to figure out what they could do,â?? said Moore, who described the feeling as being â??blown away by the communityâ??.

Any animals still being located or brought to any of the shelters are being posted with photos on the Fritch Fire Displaced Animals Facebook page. Pet owners can also post on the page about their missing pets or any animals they have found.

For information on staying in the residential halls at Frank Phillips College, call the President's Office or contact the Red Cross.