Petitions divide Sanford community and elected officials

The mayor of the City of Sanford signed two petitions, one that could abolish the city itself.

Two separate petitions are what's dividing the City of Sanford, and residents are fed-up.

One petition wants to stop the city from receiving a new sewer system, the second wants to abolish the entire city.

Local residents say the city has failed to purchase a sewer system three times in a span of 30 years.

Chuck Clark has lived in Sanford for those 30 years and said, "Without one (sewer system) there's not going to be a Sanford."

According to City Council Member Kay Williams, nearly 90 percent of the city operates on some form of a cesspool, but in July 2013 the U.S Department of Agriculture approved the city's application for a sewer system.

Resident Connie Robinson said, the house she's living in now has three different cesspools. â??Theyâ??re really fighting the sewer system that this town desperately needs and I don't get it," Robinson said.

Elected officials say they've been warned that the city is contaminated with a large percentage of illegal systems, and if the city chooses to do nothing, the state will.

So they did.

Sanford is well underway to receiving what some residents have wanted for years, but this time it's not financial issues standing in the way, it's the city's own mayor and a group of his supporters.

"It's a group of residents that stand with him on this issue," Williams said. "I can't speak for those people because I'm not one of them. I don't want to abolish the city, I think this city can prosper."