Amarillo petition calls for removal of Confederate monument

Confederate soldier monument located in Ellwood Park (ABC 7 Amarillo- Abby Aldrich)

On Thursday, Indivisible Amarillo sent out a petition voicing its reasoning for the immediate removal and relocation of a Confederate soldier statue located in Ellwood Park.

Mildred Darton, a community activist, believes the petition should be passed and is overdue. She said the statue is a reminder of a bad time and situation that took place in this country.

Erected in 1931, the statue honors the memory of Confederate soldiers.

But how people think these monuments should be handled varies. Brian Farmer, a professor of social sciences at Amarillo College, said not everyone will have the same view when it comes to the monument's value.

"Symbols can change in meaning," Farmer said. "And symbols don't mean the same thing to everybody."

The statue was placed in the city decades after the end of the Civil War, but has no immediate connection to Amarillo itself.

"While this territory here that is Amarillo and the Panhandle was in the Confederacy," Farmer said. "There was really no one here except the Comanches."

Farmer said with conversation about the removal going back and forth, a united decision will be hard to achieve. He said there will be people that look at a Confederate memorial and have Southern pride and there will be others that see it as a symbol of everything that is wrong or has been wrong with America.

ABC 7 News reached out to the City of Amarillo, who said it is still conducting research and has no opinions on petitions.

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