Pet Savers in need of more foster homes

Pet Savers is an organization who has taken the battle of saving pets from being euthanized at shelters and bringing them to their homes. They are in need of your help this holiday season, Pet Savers needs more Foster Homes.

â??Our animals live in our homes with us and actually it works out really well. We get to know them really well, it helps them get placed in the right home. We can potty train them and teach them to be part of a family while they're with us. So, we have about 40-45 foster homes right now and our animals are cared for. They don't even know they're in a program, they just think they're home,â?? said Robin Cupell.

â??Fostering is the most rewarding thing that you'll ever do. These animals are appreciative. They know what's going on in the shelter. They are so happy to be out, they're so loving because the know that you saved their life,â?? said Adoption Counselor Susan Ratzliff.

They said placing the animals is the most rewarding part.

â??There's nothing like it. It's amazing, you go into the shelter you take them out and they go into their forever home, we're at 480 and I still cry every time, so it's pretty moving,â?? said Cupell.

The job even comes with hard times.

â??The hard part is letting them get adopted. I'm a foster failure. I've adopted three. But, I know I'm at the point to where I can't do that anymore. So, I'm able to let them go. But, they are great animals coming out of there,â?? said Ratzliff.

With no permanent place to show the dogs for adoption, Pet Savers is right next to the front door of Geboâ??s off of I-27 every Thursday, Firday, and Saturday.

â??This is where you can come to just hang out with the animals, take them for a walk, get to know them a little bit. You can come volunteer, come donate we're here every week and we'd be happy to see you,â?? said Cupell.

â??The most fun part about this whole job is when I go back and get a dog, I'm able to pull we go to the front, you're having to drag them because they're scared to death, because they know it's not a good thing. I get them to the front and I open the door and they see the outside and they are up on all fours and ready to go. It's like a totally different dog,â?? said Ratzliff.