Perryton ISD assures parents that their children are safe

Perryton school districts assure parents that their children are safe after a man was arrested for making threats that he would make the incidents at Sandy Hook and Aurora movie theater look small, according to police.

Perryton Independent School District Superintendent Robert Hall said that their schools have policies in place and are ready for any type of crisis that comes along.

The school district was notified of the threats after Perryton Police received a report from a woman in Lampasas, Texas around 3:50pm on Tuesday. She said her son, who was a Perryton resident, called her and threatened to commit an offense similar to the recent incident in Newtown, Connecticut.

Dustin M. Mack, 30, was arrested and charged Tuesday evening with terroristic threat and is currently being held at the Ochiltree County Jail.

There has been no evidence found yet to prove that Mack's threats were credible. Perryton Police Chief Tony Hill said that they cannot take threats lightly. "We don't have the luxury of waiting anymore to figure out whether it's serious or not before we take action."

According to police, Mack said that "those incidents would look small compared to what he planned to do in Perryton."