Pediatric Unit at BSA getting kid-friendly

Six artists are collaborating and creating a kid-friendly space at Baptist St. Anthonyâ??s Childrenâ??s Hospital.ã??

The project isnâ??t completed yet, but many rooms are being painted and sculptures are being created for the open common area between the rooms. Judy Lynch is spearheading the operation. Her 8-year-old son stays in the hospital on occasion. She said she wanted to make the environment more kid-friendly and she says the hospital was fully supportive.ã??

She says it began as a modest, simple idea of a little paint, but then she approached the Childrenâ??s Miracle Network for a small donation. Lynch saw it snowball from there.ã??

"Childrenâ??s Miracle Network gave me $100,000. Then Walmart gave us $100,000. And my husband and I organize a triathlon every year. It raises money for the Childrenâ??s Miracle Network, and it raised $100,000.ã?? So we went from doing a little bit of free artwork to a $300,000 budget."ã??

They hope to have the project completed by June.