PDC sunrise service brings Easter message

Before the sun began to light up the sky Sunday morning, many were already seated as they waited for the sunrise service to begin.

The Prince of Peace Lutheran Church welcomed all to hear a message dedicated to Sunday's celebration.

"He is risen, he is risen indeed. Hallelujah! We're just so blessed that we can live in a country where we can share god's word with anybody," said Corinne Throne Church Member . "Pray with anybody we want, where ever we want."

At Palo Duro Canyon, that's exactly what they did. Church members said the sunrise service on Easter Sunday is hosted so early because the women who discovered Jesus had risen, did so at the break of dawn.

Sunday's message, "When Empty is Full," spoke of that day, and how the empty tomb has led us to have the opportunity of a fulfilled life.

"When empty is full, the tomb was empty. We come into the world empty as well. Through the forgiveness of Jesus Christ he fills us with his love," said Joe Andrajack Church Pastor. "That's the message. The empty tomb brings us a promise of eternal life.

As the sun lit up the sky, and peaked through the clouds of darkness the message was clear to the congregation. They said the majesty of his creation puts everything in perspective, he is risen and he is alive.

"When you're starting out in the morning, it's a great way to start your perspective off with God," said Thron.

Sunday was the first year for the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church to host the sunrise service.

They said with the attendance they had, they hope to play host, again.