Paying it Forward

Pay it Forward is a fictional book that was released back in 2000, which then inspired a movie and recently also a facebook page.

December 1 is proclaimed to be Pay it Forward Day, so we hit up The Donut Stop off of Bell to see what would happen if we paid for $50 worth of donuts.

Would customers pay it forward by picking up the next persons tab?

Co-owner, Rosemartha Cates, is on board with our project and says right now is a perfect time to give.

"I think people will be surprised, shocked, and delighted especially getting into the Christmas season. I think that it makes you more giving and I would rather give than to receive."

In fact, Cates can recall a moment where she recently paid it forward.

"I was on an airplane and there was young little girl around two-year-old that was screaming and crying, and the poor mother had had it. So, I happened to have my Ipad that has a lot of children apps on it, so I took it back there and let her play with it until she calmed down and fell asleep -- the whole plane thanked me."

She also says paying it forward doesn't necessarily mean forking out the dough.

"I think you can do random acts of kindness that don't always involve money; just with a kind word, a smile, a helpful hand. Anybody can do random acts of kindness."

We will follow up Cates tomorrow to see if our random act of kindness pays off.

So far more than 220 ,000 people have signed up on facebook to pay it forward.

I nternational Pay it Forward Day is on April 28, and that was created by the Pay It Forward Foundation10 years ago.

Will you Pay it Forward?