Pawn shop Christmas shopping?

Some say TV influences life, and some pawn shop owners in Amarillo say The History Channel's hit reality series Pawn Stars has pushed more people into their shops.

"It's a store that carries a variety of items, but it carries those items at a much-reduced price," Damron's Jewelry, Guns & Pawn Owner Jeanette Damron said. "So, people looking for nice jewelry or nice guns or nice tools or televisions can pick them up cheaper at a pawn shop."

To some, cheaper prices mean cheaper products. But Damron says that is not correct. Business has been so steady at her store that it has coupled with some gunsmiths who offer services of their own.

"If someone comes in and they get a gun worked on, they'll go over and look at other guns, look at jewelry," Pawnbroker and Gunsmith Skyler Davis said. "When they buy a gun, if they want it painted or something like that, they just bring it right to us and we work on it."

Other pawn shops around town have also seen their holiday business booming. Erwin Pawn, Inc. has been in Amarillo for 31 years and according to owner David Erwin, his store gives clients honest and friendly customer service on top of good-quality products. That is why, he says, customers keep returning.

"Other people that need to borrow money- they have no place to go to borrow at," he said. "Maybe that have bad credit or no credit at all. They can't just go down to the bank and borrow $1,000 or $500 or what not. So, they bring their merchandise in here and we take care of that."

Both owners say people should at least step into the stores and see what is on the shelves. If nothing else, they say one factor helps to persuade people the most.

"Price," Erwin said. "You'll pay about half the price of what you'll pay for it new."