Part Two: Operation Rebuild Surviving Fritch

Operation rebuild is now underway, but in order to have any sort of rebuild take place the newest group of volunteers is in need of...volunteers.

"We need volunteers, anyone that has a special trade, that's the only way to keep the cost down," Volunteer Dusty Daniels said.

Daniels lived in Fritch as a child, but later moved to Arizona. She was in Dallas, Texas the day the Fritch fire tourched and destroyed hundreds of homes.

"I can't turn away," Daniels said. "Once I met one of the survivors, it's hard to tell the others no."

Daniels and a small group of volunteers have learned about 61 families with no insurance who lost everything in the Fritch fire. Accoring to the group who has just begun to meet with families, this number is just an estimate. The group said they're not promising each family a home, but â??we are promising we'll do everything we can to help these families," Daniels said.

Operation Rebuild is in the beginning stages, just trying to spread the word of the families in Fritch still left with nothing.

"Our first goal is only $100,000," Daniels said. "I know people will say '$100,000 that's a lot of money,' and it is but we're breaking it down and I believe it's going to happen."

The group is now working to host fundraisers. For more information Dusty Daniels and other volunteers apart of Operation Rebuild can be contacted at: