Parent of bullied student speaks out

Tosha Villa said her 2nd grade son switched school districts from AISD to CISD after he was bullied.

"Monday, my son didn't want to go to school, he was trying to jump out of the car on the way to school. He told me there's no point, I hate it there, just kill me," said Villa. Throughout the year he's been telling me everybody is mean to him, nobody likes him, he has no friends, everybody hates him."

The bullying wasn't just verbal. Villa said the abuse also got physical.

"He's been kicked in the stomach, punched, pushed of the playground equipment," said Villa. "He actually shaved all the hair off his body because one of the girls called him sasquatch."

The bullying behavior led Villa to remove her son from Ridgecrest Elementary after what she said was a year-long battle with bullying.

On his last day of school, he was given going away cards, but they weren't what some might expect. 3 separate students gave him threatening, even graphic, cards.

"it said, you like things like this: a gun, a person being shot, and blood," said Villa.

Wednesday she met with the school principal, but said the damage was already done.

"He said that he was sorry and he didn't know it had gone this far, and that the teacher should have weeded through them," said Villa. "Well if the teacher would have weeded through them they would have been in the garbage and nobody would ever know."

Villa said the school hasn't taken enough action against the incident.

"They said they would take the children into the office and talk with them and that was it."

Pronews 7 asked AISD what they're doing about the situation.



nytime one of our schools receives a report of bullying, the incident is investigated, parents are called, and the appropriate disciplinary action is taken. We take every allegation of bullying seriously but by law cannot discuss situations involving specific students."

Villa said she just wants increased awareness for other parents with the same problem.

"It keeps happening and then it escalates into shootings and teen suicide and I'm not going to let my child be a statistic

," said Villa.


Just because you don't see something does not mean it's not happening."

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