Paranormal evidence at Hughes Building

Pampaâ??s Hughes Building has been rumored to be haunted.

There are anecdotes concerning a woman that was murdered there and now, occasionally, her screams can be heard.

An attorney hanged himself, or he may have been murdered.

Such examples prompted the Pampa Texas Paranormal Research Society to check out the building.

Over the last few months they say theyâ??ve picked up shadows, whispers and strange lights.

Pronews 7 decided to accompany the group to the building in honor of Halloween.

Photographer Eric Brown actually heard several whispers and the scream and he documented it on tape.

Dan Guthrie, the president of the group says, "there was a report of a woman that was possibly raped and murdered in the building. Weâ??ve seen her fully manifest and basically, screamed at us."