Paralyzed Vega football player returns home

Every parent worries about a child who plays a full contact sport.

There are risks of injury every time they take the field.

In October, one family's worst nightmare came true when Luis Morales, a junior on the Vega football team, suffered a severe spinal injury.

The anticipation built as Southwest flight 1707 taxied into the terminal.

One by one, passengers filed off the plane, until finally Luis emerged.

After three months in Sacramento, California he was finally home.

"Yes, I'm glad, I'm finally home," said Luis.

"He misses Texas, we all miss Texas," said Luis' sister, Yelithza.

During his stint in the hospital while getting the much needed treatment, Luis' family never left his side.

"It means a lot to me, to have my family at my side all the time."

Luis went to California after the Khiva Shriner Organization offered to help him back in October.

"That's what we do, that's we've done for many many years, and we have 21 hospitals, they're all free of charge to the patients and their families," said Khiva Shriner Potentate, Glenn Pate.

The support didn't stop there.

"I think it's amazing how people are helping because there are people who are still helping and that means a lot, I'm really amazed," said Yelithza.

Luis and his family couldn't be more grateful for what everyone has done for them during these trying times.

"I would like to say thanks to all the people that have helped me out and the people that care about me and thanks to everybody."

Luis says he excited to be home to sleep in his own bed, and even more excited about eating his mom's home cooking.

If you would like to help Luis and his family, you can donate to an account set up at the Friona State Bank in Vega.