Paper Crane hosts an art market for Canyon

Artists and art lovers were invited out to Canyon as The Paper Crane hosted an art market.

Founders of The Paper Crane, Kylee Melson and Jesse Melson came together with the idea to host the event to help local artists showcase their work.

â??Weâ??ve been to so many things in Santé Fe and in Colorado where artists have that opportunity and weâ??ve never seen that in Canyon,â?? said Kylee Melson. â??We thought that that would be so awesome for this area.â??

The two wanted to make the event accessible to artists of all ages.

â??We wanted I priced affordable to get college kids, high school kids can come,â?? said Jesse Melson. â??We want to make it affordable to get their names out there and prompt themselves.â??

The art market lasted from 9 to 5 Saturday. Local artists from all over came to showcase their work alongside food vendors, crafters and even jewelry makers.

The Paper Crane will be hosting a summer art camp for children to help provide art lessons.

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