Papa John's to set record for busiest delivery day of 2013

Papa John's Pizza employees spent Sunday delivering orders for anxious football fans.

In an official statement, Papa John's of Amarillo states that it increased its staff by 35% to meet customer demand. Many employees are expected to continue their employment after the Super Bowl due to a surge in sales.

Pizza delivery is the most popular option for the chain. "Most people don't really want to cook when football season's going on, especially on the the Super Bowl, because most likely everyone's wanting to socialize, get together, and not really worry about food, and we take care of all that," says Papa John's manager James Shook.

Pizza is a staple on Super Bowl Sunday. For many, pizza is as American as football itself.

"Typical NFL parties are wings, beer, football. Or pizza, beer, football. Pizza just happens to be one of those things that most everyone tends to order



says Shook.

"30 years ago, my family would order pizza. I just think it's kind of become an American icon sort of thing, y


know, to have pizza and watch the ballgames



says Papa John's customer Frank Markham.

As the official pizza sponsor of the NFL and the Super Bowl, the company's "Coin Toss Experience" will honor a free large pizza to customers that correctly guessed heads or tails on the Super Bowl coin toss.

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