Pantex wins national award for small business support

The B&W Pantex Plant has been awarded the Frances Perkins VanGuard Award for its excellence in utilizing women-owned small businesses as contractors and suppliers.

Pantex has won three awards over the last year in relevance to these efforts.

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce hosted a reception Thursday evening to honor plant members for their achievement.

"They go out of their way when often times it's easier to find a big contractor outside of Amarillo and outside of the state," Amarillo Chamber Vice President of Business Development and Governmental Affairs Jason Harrison said. "They really try and jump those hurdles to find not only local small businesses, but small businesses in particular."

Built in 1942, Pantex is America's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility. But it would appear nuclear weapons are not the only focus of the plant.

"They help the economy here in Amarillo, not just me but a lot of other local small businesses," Corporate Technology Group Vice President of Sales Roxanne Hudson added. "And they're a pleasure to do business with."

Harrison pointed out Pantex has given millions of dollars to local small businesses, proving the plant realizes its importance to the community and also the community's importance to it.

"They don't have to give above and beyond, but they do. They choose to give back to the community. They choose to be on boards. They choose to be on councils. They choose to be a part of all the events when they don't have to."