Pantex reaches midpoint in largest federal wind project

Officials at the Pantex Plant said they are prepping for the future with their renewable energy project to completed this year. Construction began in August 2013 on the five turbine wind farm and they are now halfway through completion. Thursday, Pantex and government officials celebrated that halfway point with a cermonial signing of a turbine blade.

Once the wind farm is complete, the energy generated from the five turbines will drive the plant, located on 1500 acres east of Pantex. Pantex officials said it will generate 47 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is more than 60% of the annual electricity needed for the plant, or enough electricity to power about 3,500 homes.

Siemens Program Manager Ron Griffin said the project will be federally owned, but will be third-party financed, which means it won't cost taxpayers.

"This project is very important. It's the largest wind farm the government will own and it's a commitment the government's making to use renewable energy to reduce their energy footprint and dependency on utilities," Griffin said.

Construction is on schedule and officials say it should be completed by July 2014.

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