Pantex presents results from Long-Term Stewardship project

Pantex held its annual public meeting to discuss the Long Term Stewardship project, and its findings from the past five years.

Pantex shared the results in a final report that included the testing of contaminated water on Pantex and Texas Tech University property.

Officials said the contaminated water developed from legacy projects that started in the early 1950s. In the past five years 300 groundwater wells were put into place to sample the water, as well as pump-and-treat systems that then cleaned the contaminated water.

Pantex Division Project Manager Dennis Huddleston said, "We're telling the people interested that actually came out to our meeting is what our water systems have done over that time. Are they working, are they doing what we think they're supposed to be doing?"

According to Pantex officials groundwater was never the issue, it's water from the perched aquifer 200 feet above the drinking water.