Pantex gives update on companyâ??s progress in public meeting

Pantex hosted their semi-annual long term stewardship meeting Monday that was open to the public.

Every six months Pantex hosts public meetings to help communicate with the public what is going on.

â??We just want to keep the public informed on what weâ??re doing, â??said Pantex Environmental Programs Department Manager Tony Biggs. â??They have the opportunity to come and sit down, hear what weâ??re saying, ask questions and provide their input as to how things are going.â??

What was once a controversial issue seems to now longer be the case. The small crowd of people proved testament to how much progress the company has made in trying to clean up the environment.

â??I think weâ??re doing the right things,â?? said Biggs. â??Weâ??re trying to be out in front of the cleanup and not wait to be told. Weâ??re trying to be proactive.â??

The meeting was co-hosted by the National Nuclear Security Administration as well as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Both organizations have been working with Pantex to ensure that things run smoothly.

There was no cause for concern Monday, the results of the 5-year review will determine if things are operating the way that they should. The results of that review will be reported on at their next meeting on November 4, 2013. However, quarterly progress reports will be posted on the Pantex website after submittal to TCEQ and EPA.

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