Pantex celebrates 5 million hours of safety

B&W Pantex employs more than 3,000 people, and they were all treated to a barbeque meal Tuesday to thank them for the safety milestone they helped the company to reach.

The industrial plant has surpassed 5 million man hours worked without a lost time injury, a task many workers said is not easy.

"It's very hard to do when you consider that we're an industrial plant that has a wide variety of activities taking place on a daily basis with over 3,400 employees," Environmental Safety and Health Division Manager Bill Mairson stated. "Our achievement recognizes the fact that we perform safely in all that we do."

Thanks to personal caution and safety measures, the nation's only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly plant has functioned without major incidents, a goal Mairson said will continue.

"We have celebrated safety achievements in the past," he added. "Pantex tends to be a leader among many industrial plants for safe performance. And, so, today's achievement is another opportunity to reward the employees for performing so safely."

The employees working the graveyard shift will not be left out of the Texas meal- other employees will make their way back to the plant Tuesday night and in the early Wednesday morning hours to feed them, as well.