Panhandle Water Woes

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After a serious water main break Thursday, the water pressure is coming back to the City of Panhandle. The city is working closely with Carson County emergency management and after a water delivery tonight it has more than 900 gallons of fresh drinking water.

It all started when the public works department was working on a fixing a six inch water main that broke. That caused a boil water notice, but then that same section of the pipe failed and lost pressure, essentially stopping all water from flowing into any homes. That meant no showers, no bathroom facilities, not even water in the kitchen sink for most of the day. The city says it's working to repair the pipe, but even if the water comes back on, panhandle residents will have to be careful.

"Even after water supply is restored, we'll have a boil water notice until at the very least Saturday afternoon because we have to wait on analytical testing from the lab to come back and all those tests to come back good so that's going to be a minimum of Saturday afternoon," said Rob Roach, the Panhandle City Manager.

As far as school goes, if there is no running water classes could be cancelled for the day. Tune into ProNews 7 at Daybreak for that information.

If you still need drinking water the city has five gallons of water for you to pick up, donated by Culligan in Pampa. They're asking for a $6 deposit and when you return the container it's in you'll get the money back. If you just want to donate you can drop off your water at city hall or call 537-3517.