Panhandle Spirit to help Colorado wildfire victims

AquaOne of Amarillo made a generous donation of bottled water to go to the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

The Panhandle Spirit is once again, hard at work helping people. Pronews 7 is asking for your donations in helping those affected by the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs.

The Waldo Canyon Fire devastated 346 homes and killed two people. It is considered the most devastating fire in Colorado's history. At one time, 32,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes.

How do you help?

A large truck is in Pronews 7's downtown studio's parking lot. Simply bring your non-perishable food items and load them in the truck!

All donations go directly to the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado.

A fund has also been set up at Amarillo National Bank. It's called the Colorado Wildfire Victims' Fund and all contributions go to Care and Share Food Bank and Catholic Charities.

Together, we can make a difference... in the Panhandle Spirit!