Panhandle Spirit: The Mother Road survives

Crocodile Lileâ??s spirit lives on The Mother Road.

Amarillo Boulevard was the glitz of Route 66.

In another time the party began and ended there.

Lile, who drives a â??64 Mustang, says "I remember when we used to come down here shopping.ã?? Itâ??s hard to explain the nostalgic feeling I get when I drove down Amarillo Boulevard.ã?? It was Northeast 8th back then."

Eric Miller, of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council says, "Route 66 is what this countryâ??s about.ã?? Cars."

Tourists visit the area for precisely that purpose.

They want to take a road trip in America, and they want to say they traveled Route 66.

German tourist Lena Stoudt says, "I just got my drivers license this year, and we want to do a road trip.ã?? We had to The Mother Road."