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      Panhandle Spirit: Stratford Man fighting for P.O.W.

      Stratford resident Josh Willey is determined to make Congress and other lawmakers aware of the plight of Bowe Bergdahl.

      Army Sergeant Bergdahl has been a Taliban prisoner since 2009.

      Willey says he came across Bergdahl??s story on Facebook and one thing led to another.

      Soon he was actively lobbying for Bergdahl??s release, enlisting the help of family, friends and authorities.

      He says he??s probably made at least 200 calls to legislators.

      He says, "In one of his last videos he says, "I want to come home," over and over. For him to be over there, lonely, around people who don??t like him?|God only knows what??s going on over there."

      Sherman County Sheriff Joe Powell says, "It doesn??t surprise me we have a citizen so willing to reach out?|We??re wearing the bracelets. What Josh did, he had bracelets made with Bowe??s name, U.S. Army, the day he disappeared."

      Stratford Police Chief Aaron Sheehan says, "If one guy can do that on his own, think what hundreds of us can do."

      Willey says that??s what he intends to do, to get more people involved, one person at a time, one phone call at a time.