Panhandle Spirit: Pampa Museum honors military

Freedom Museum USA in Pampa has been slowly accumulating military artifacts inside the building and on the lawn.

In fact, it takes up two lots now, boasting an F-4 Phantom II, a F105D Thunderchief and an M60 tank.

The tank, of course, was originally sitting on the Potter County Courthouse lawn before it was moved to Pampa.

There are many more vehicles and helicopters and such.

Inside, there are a number of model planes and relics of various wars donated by people in the community.

The museum was co-founded by Veterans of the Pampa Army Air Field, and VFW Post 1657.

Walter Miller, Assistant Curator of the Museum says, "Itâ??s dedicated to the preservation and remembrance of all the troops that have given their all or part to keep our freedoms."

Visitor and Air Force veteran, William Moore says, "I like to see things like this. These people, they need to be remembered. The generation that put together with this is probably beginning to be lost. They need to be commemorated."