Panhandle Spirit: Lost marriage certificate reunited with family member

Missing Marriage Certificate finds it's what back home.

You might remember back a few weeks ago--we told you about Dee Brown finding a marriage certificate dated 1940 on her ranch in Valle De Oro.

There were some barely legible names and she started sleuthing, trying to piece together this puzzle.

"I found a census record that shows a William W Floyd that lived in the same area a farm laborer and lived in the same area as a Myrl I Hawes, now Floyd. She was 19 and a nurse and this was in April of 1940 and so that would make sense that they're together in 1940 and maybe neighbors" Dee recalled.

After that aired, Dee was hoping she could find some family members and get this 70+ year old certificate into their hands.

"It would be just absolutely wonderful. So great that this piece of paper and these people are going to be joined in a sense, it's supposed to be.

We put out the word out and Dee got a nibble from a Belle Armstrong. Myrl was her mother but William was lost at the battle of the bulge, just a couple years after being married. They had 2 children and Myrl went on to have 3 more kids from her second marriage including Belle. Her sister Pat lived in the Valle De Oro area and may have had the marriage certificate at that time, but she passed away close to 15 years ago,

"It was with Pat's stuff, but i don't know what happened to it after Pat died," Bell remembered.

So no one can figure out how the certificate just happened to be blown into Dee's yard a couple weeks ago, noting the odds would be hard to figure out..

"And so for it to have been blown into a place where there's habitation, I couldn't even begin to estimate what the odds would be."

Both agreed that evidently, it was chance, karma, fate or an maybe act of God that put that piece of paper on the walking path to be found by Dee and for Belle to find out about it and be able to reclaim it. Even more amazing is the fact that Belle moved away but that very same Panhandle Spirit that spurred Dee to action is the reason she moved back here.

"The people are different. They care. You can disagree over politics, religion, anything but the people still care," said Belle.

Dee got to keep the picture of Myrl that Belle had brought with her, and Belle's family gets to be reunited with her mom's 7 decade old marriage certificate.

"I'm going to find a place on the wall to hang it so it won't be knocked down."

Interesting how this single piece of paper that brought two special people together all those years ago, managed to do the exact same thing again.