Panhandle Spirit: Long lost marriage certificate found blowing in the wind

Holy bonds of marriage found blowing in the wind. Help find the bride and groom.

We've got a bit of a mystery on our hands that needs solving and we're asking for your help in providing the last piece of the puzzle.

Recently, a piece of paper dating back more than 70 years was found blowing across the Panhandle and the person who found it wants to return it to its rightful owners or family members.

Think of the last time we didn't have a windy day. It's almost impossible to think of that... and out in Valle de Oro recently, that famed Panhandle wind blew in a piece of paper that was located by Dee Brown and her family owned Whiskey Gulch Ranch. She was out for a walk one day and she noticed something off the side of the path.

"And I just picked it up and was going to throw it away. And I noticed it said certificate on it and that maybe someone got a certificate from school. And further looking at it, it said marriage certificate and I thought, 'Wow.' Pretty tore up, dirty and very very faded"

It had been three weeks since she'd been out to the ranch, and had no idea how long it had been laying there. She cleaned it up but the names were pretty much faded. All she could make out was a date, August 2nd, 1940, some barely legible names, the United Methodist church in Clayton, the certificate from Union county and a partial name.

So she made some calls and then being a bit of a family historian herself, did some more digging and found a connection withe the last name of 'Floyd' from a census form from the 1940.

" I found a census record that shows a William W. Floyd that lived in the same area a farm laborer and lived in the same area as a Myrl I. Hawes, now Floyd. She was 19 and a nurse and this was in April of 1940 and so that would make sense that they're together in 1940 and maybe neighbors."

And it turns out those two were married on that date and this appears to be their certificate...a feat worthy of Sherlock Holmes. But now Dee wants to try and find someone from the family to return it back to them and hopefully find out more about them and how their wedding certificate came to rest on their ranch in Valle De Oro.

"That was was my whole goal here was to get this out and maybe find some members of the family and see if they're interested in the certificate. I'm old fashioned and it means a lot to me and to have that safely in my family, I'd love that."

So, this mystery is all but solved, short of the one remaining clue that might re-unite this old, wind blown 73 year old marriage certificate and the family to which it belongs. Dee's hopeful that someone will recognize the names and it can go back to it's rightful place.

"I hope so, I'd really love that."

So if you know or knew William and Myrl Floyd from this area in the 1940's, send me an email at and I'll make sure to pass the information onto Dee Brown so that marriage certificate can be returned.