Panhandle Spirit in full force during the holiday season

After this week, one major holiday is left, before the New Year begins. Itâ??s Christmas.

With Christmas approaching hundreds of non-profit organizations are at work giving you plenty of opportunities to give back.

"In Amarillo and Canyon, there is over 250 non-profit organizations, so what I recommend when people are wanting to get involved with their community; I ask them to find their passion. What are you interested in?" said D.J. Stubben with Teen Christmas.

Although it may be difficult to decide which one you want to help there are planet for different causes.

Wanting to help soldiers there is "Socks for Soldiers," which the items you give them to a soldier.

"Wheels for Prosper" is selling a Toyota and the proceeds from the purchase of that car will be put to buying two or three used cars. Those vehicles will be sent to a family in need of a car.

"The Salvation Army is awesome. Thatâ??s another way you could do it. Contact the Salvation Army and see how you can contribute. They have the Angel Tree out at Westgate Mall where toy can find a child."

Not wanting to leave the furry ones out?

"You know if you have a blanket and towels, even extra dog food, maybe you lost a pet and you donâ??t plan on replacing that pet for a while you can donate dog food, the bowels, the blankets and all the also to the ASPCA," said Stubben.

But if you donâ??t have anything to give, you can still give something that is just as valuable, your time.

According to Stubben, there are elderly people in nursing homes that could use just someone to talk to.

For more information about Teen Christmas and to donate, click here.