Panhandle Spirit helps High Plains Food Bank

W hen the chips are down, we Panhandle people have no problem helping our neighbors in need.

The High Plains Food Bank is certainly thankful for the donations from businesses and organizations that have been coming in at critical time.

The food bank issued a desperate plea, and the Downtown Lions Club answered.

Wednesday the lions delivered 292 turkeys of the 1,000 the food bank says it needs to help area families. It has now rounded up 710 turkeys.

"This is the reason we are lions and this is why we exist as an organization is to help serve our communities and to give back to others," said Becky Weeks, Downtown Lions Club.

"They saw a problem and they really just went in and said we're going to solve this problem and we're going to get it fixed and it's people like that and that spirit of people seeing a problem wanting to fix it , it's the Panhandle, " said Broc Carter, High Plains Food Bank.

This Panhandle Spirit could not have come at a better time, when the demand for help is at an all-time high and the shelves, well, they're bare.

"We've been saying economy, economy, economy, it's the economy and it's just the truth. People are losing food stamps and things like because of government cuts. People who were making it and living pay check to pay check are finding themselves in a need for the first time," said Carter.

Besides turkeys, the High Plains Food Bank needs canned green beans, canned soups, one to five pound rice bags, canned mixed vegetables, and canned sweet peas.

They're located off Ross St. near 10th St., for a map click here.